SoyCera candles are made with UK grown, 100% soy wax.

This type of wax is thought to be an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional waxes such as paraffin wax and it provides a cleaner, slower burn. Our soy wax is also GMO-free.


Our fragrance oils are paraben and allergen-free and we also offer fragrance-free candles for sensitive noses/ events.



Each candle is made in a reusable container. When it is time to blow out your candle for the last time, pull the wick out, scoop out the remaining wax and carefully wipe off the excess wax. 

SoyCera Studio actively encourages you to get creative and give your candle containers another purpose. From a key dish to a snack and nibbles boat, you can find suggestions on our Instagram.


Image by Shahan Khan

From the wax to the fragrance oils, no animals are tested during the making of these candles. Our candles are also vegan friendly as they contain no animal-derived substances.

The olive wood containers are ethically handcrafted from a sustainable source by experienced olive wood farmers.



The packaging is an important part of the process as candles need to arrive at their new homes in one piece. However, effective packaging should not come at the expense of our environment.

Each candle is cushioned with a range of eco-friendly and recyclable materials. FSC® approved cardboard, recycled paper void fill. Acid-free, chlorine-free tissue paper + eco-friendly, paper bubble wrap.